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Why Me For Medical Family
Therapy In Texas?

I understand, when it comes to Medical Family Therapy in Texas, there’s an abundance of therapist choices. Superficially, it appears that they all offer the same service, making it confusing to select the right therapist for your specific needs. 


While you are in the selection process, I recommend you contact three therapists before settling on the one you feel suits the situation. 


Here’s a list of reasons why I should be selected as one of the three under your consideration:


I specialize exclusively in Medical Family Therapy


Other therapists offer a shopping list of services and therefore spread themselves very thin when it comes to knowledge and expertise in any one field. These are a “jack of all trades” whereas I am “a master of one.”


I have chosen this specific niche as it allows me to concentrate on current research and provide you with modern, personalized Medical Family Therapy techniques. After spending over 30 years in healthcare, I feel that I am uniquely qualified to help you navigate healthcare issues from an emotional perspective. I have worked with clients with numerous diagnoses, and work with their families as they progress through illness. It is a unique skill set, which I have built over a long period of time and experience.


With age comes knowledge and life experiences.


My age is your asset. During your search, you will not fail to notice that many current therapists are young with many fresh from school.  I understand that these young therapists have to start somewhere but can they really provide the personal understanding needed for your sessions?


These therapists are good at what they do but they are not old enough to learn from life’s experiences yet. 


As you can see from my picture I have been around the block (and the sun) a few times. During these trips I have endured experiences that can benefit you.


Guaranteed appointments with me.


I think it is safe to assume that you’ve contacted my office because you feel I can provide the Medical Family Therapy you are seeking. When you make an appointment you are guaranteed sessions with me personally.


You will NOT be referred to junior associates.


Appointments start on time every time.


How frustrating and annoying is it to be kept waiting at your MD’s office. You arrive on time but are still in the waiting room with others an hour later! How can that be? They overbook patients. It’s unprofessional but patients have come to accept the waiting time.


I heard of one doctor that was not even in his office, instead he was conducting surgery at the local hospital!  On the other hand, if you get stuck in traffic for instance, a sarcastic receptionist advising “you’re late!”


If you are like me, I understand that most of your day is probably scheduled around appointments. My team and I respect your time and have installed a system that focuses on you and ensures that your session will start and end on time every time. 


I don’t need to advertise.

I don’t need to advertise, ALL my business comes from unsolicited referrals by past and existing clients. That is the highest praise I can receive because that shows people are comfortable with the service and they benefited from it.

Another reason is that advertising doesn’t work for myself, my team or especially clients in many ways. Some therapists advertise to generate calls and emails from prospects. These calls and emails have to be answered and that takes time. 

The number one goal of myself and my team is to provide total assistance and support to existing clients. Advertising would take time and resources from that goal.

Depending on the number of responses other therapists receive from their ad campaigns prospects will probably be referred to a junior associate. Prospects may never see the senior therapist featured in the ad!


I don’t overbook appointments.


It is my philosophy to schedule appointments to comfortably allow timely online sessions. I do my best to accommodate days and times requested by clients.


Legally I have to maintain perfect records, therefore my scheduling allows me to update files after every session.


To overbook appointments, like the MD situation mentioned above, I would be doing clients a disservice. It is important to the success that both the client and I be relaxed and not rushed. If I am rushed the client will “feel” that and this will avoided at all costs.


I reserve some slots daily for any clients that require a session urgently. 


Free no obligation chat.


One important decision when selecting a therapist is having “chemistry.” You must feel comfortable with therapist as an individual and also their style before booking sessions.


To help with this I offer a free 20 minute online chat. During the chat I will answer any questions you have about the service while you are “interviewing” me. I will also be upfront and let you know if I can’t help.


This chat will be with me and not a junior associate.


There’s absolutely no obligation to move forward with sessions.


I hope this will help make your Medical Family Therapy decision easier. If you have any question or concerns please call me or complete the form on the Contact Page.

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