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Medical Family

All testimonials are actual unsolicited quotes and authentic regarding their experience with my Medical Family Therapy service. Individual's names are not published for confidentiality reasons.

“Sandi’s approach is warm and engaging while being direct and highly perceptive. She is committed to doing the deep work to get together root of the issues”

Female, age 33


“I was hesitant to start therapy because I didn’t know where to start. Sandi met me where I was and helped me prioritize issues that were bothering me. Getting underneath all I had bottled up felt safe and it was easy to talk to her about my fears about losing my mother to cancer”

Male, age 42


"When we started couples therapy we had been fighting for 10 years about the same things. We learned to express our needs in a non-violent and non-defensive way which helped improve our connection and our marriage”

Heterosexual couple, ages 42 and 44

If you have any questions or concerns about Medical Family Therapy in Texas please call or submit Contact Form.

Medical Family Therapy testimonials, Texas -Sandi Neiman
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