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Why We Don’t Need To Advertise For Medical Family Therapy Clients.

When therapists advertise their Medical Family Therapy practice it’s a strong indication that they need more clients. In reality advertising focuses on the wants of the practice and not on needs of the client.

We don’t need to advertise because ALL Sandi Neiman's current clients are referrals from past and existing clients. A referral is the highest praise she can receive and a strong indication that others are comfortable with her service and obtained results.

Searching online you’ll be aware that many therapists use pay-per-click ads on Google to attract more clients, but at what cost? Google charges advertisers $6.00 or more every time a prospect clicks on the listing.

These ads work like an eBay auction, if you want to be the top listing you have to outbid competitors that are advertising. The higher the cost per click the less advertisers get for their budget. Of course Google is the big winner.

These pay-per-click advertisers listed may not be the best suited for your needs, they are simply therapists that have paid the most to be on top.

Why do these therapists NEED to advertise? If they’re as good as claimed wouldn’t they get more and more referrals like Sandi does? It seems that their referral base is not strong enough to support the practice that’s why they MUST advertise.

You may have seen ads for solo therapists that appear like “Jane Doe Therapist” rather than a group practice. If you click on Jane’s ad what are the chances of actually booking sessions with her? Probably fairly remote. You’ll be referred to a junior associate with apologies “I’m sorry Jane Doe is fully booked.” Of course, Jane was fully booked before the ads were even placed.

Please bare this mind where you are searching for the right Medical Family Therapist.

Not all inbound calls and emails generated by pay-per-click ads are from those seeking therapy. A lot of the calls come from companies selling their services to the therapy practice. The therapy practice are paying for those clicks too.

Although we believe in advertising as a form of communication, the best channels are expensive. Therapists that advertise do not absorb the cost, it’s passed down by way of higher fees or clients being handled by junior associates. IF we advertised we would have to do the same.

Advertising doesn’t work for our entire team and especially clients in other ways. Let me explain. As mentioned advertising is expected to generate calls and emails from prospects and sales people in general.

These calls and emails have to be answered and it all takes time and this time has to come from somewhere. The time to respond to inquiries may come from new employees (higher overhead) or more than likely from existing staff and that detracts from servicing of existing clients.

If you have ever been on hold with your bank, insurance or phone company for an hour you’ll understand exactly what is meant. Just to add insult to injury the recorded on hold message continually repeats “your call is important to us.” In the case of these institutions it’s upper management pushing for higher profits without taking into consideration the increased workload on existing staff.

The number one goal of the entire team is to provide full service assistance to our existing clients. Any advertising would take time and resources from that ultimate goal. Also, as mentioned, we don’t need to advertise as ALL our Medical Family Therapy clients are a direct result of referrals.

It would appear that the philosophy to not advertising is working for all concerned!

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