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How Long Does Medical Family Therapy Last?

Updated: May 30, 2022

The time Medical Family Therapy last depends on the situation and individuals involved.
How Long Does Medical Family Therapy Last? Sandi Neiman, Medical Family Therapy Specialist in Texas explains.

I specialize exclusively in Medical Family Therapy in Texas, but what does that mean for you? You’re familiar with Family Therapy and have a concept of what it is but Medical Family

Therapy (MedFT) may be new to you.

Medical Family Therapy originated years ago when the health industry began to recognize that mental health affects patients in addition to their medical issues and can often be the focus of illness and recovery.

In my opinion, usage of the term “medical” is very confusing to the public and conjures up thoughts of MDs, pharmaceuticals, hospitals and perhaps surgery. Everywhere in the health industry, trade jargon is still used much to the frustration of patients. For instance, hospital signage states “ACU” that point down never ending hallways. Do you know what “ACU” means? Me neither! I had to Google it to determine that it actually means Ambulatory Care Unit. In fact the only self explanatory hospital signs were “cafeteria” and “exit.”

One of my goals is to remove all trade jargon so that services and results provided are easily

understood by everyone involved. It doesn’t help my cause that universities are still offering

courses for Medical Family Therapy.

Let me explain what Medical Family Therapy (MedFT) actually is and how you can benefit. I

would define Medical Family Therapy as therapy for those suffering from anxiety and

depression caused by a medical diagnosis, such as cancer, of a family member or the client

themselves. This description puts “medical” in a much different light doesn’t it?

When an illness is present in the client or their family, many feelings arise unexpectedly. Fear of the unknown, wondering how you will manage when a loved one needs care while balancing the rest of your life, as well as navigating the medical system in general.

Since the outbreak, COVID has caused consternation and worry. If a family member contracts COVID it gives rise to concerns by other family members about “will I also catch COVID?” or “should I get vaccinated?”

It doesn’t help that doctors are new to COVID and unsure themselves about treatment. Even

online research offers conflicting information and does nothing to reduce the overall family


This is where Medical Family Therapy can help individuals or family groups overcome stress,

anxiety and depression.

The goal of Medical Family Therapy is to provide support, guidance and insight about the

feelings that arise as a result of illness. Each individual has their own history with the medical

system, and this affects how willing or unwilling they are to accept help at all.

Most of my clients were somewhat hesitant about therapy at first. To help in making the

right choice I offer a FREE 20 minute online chat. During our discussion you can get comfortable with me and I will also answer all your questions about Medical Family Therapy.

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