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FREE Chat About Your Medical Family Therapy

I understand that therapy is intangible and you can’t evaluate it until after the service has been provided. This can generate a lot of “what ifs” in your mind that can create a stumbling block to moving forward with much needed Medical Family Therapy.


It is important that you feel that you can trust this me and that our styles are compatible.


Everything discussed in therapy is strictly confidential. I am unable to even discuss you or your treatment without your written permission. That way, you can feel safe choosing to share intimate details of your life in an inclusive and private manner.


To help reduce these concerns I offer a FREE 20 minute chat directly with me (not a junior associate). During this discussion I can answer any questions you have about Medical Family Therapy. The chat will also give you an opportunity to determine if we are compatible and you are comfortable with my style. 


Consider the chat as you interviewing me for the position! 


I will also let you know if my service is not appropriate for your needs or feel I cannot help you.


There’s absolutely no obligation to continue with sessions and therefore no risk to you.


To schedule your FREE no obligation chat about your Medical Family Therapy needs please call (615) 438-3964 or complete the form on the Contact Page.


Question To Ask About Medical Family Therapy

If this your first time considering Medical Family Therapy you may not know what to ask during the informal chat. Here are a few questions to ask me or other therapists you are considering:


-Do you specialize in Medical Family Therapy exclusively?

-What approach or orientation do your use in your Medical Family Therapy practice?

-What can I expect from working with you?

-Do you use the Dunbar Number?

-How long should I expect to work with you?

-What are your policies about cancellations and billing?

-What are your beliefs about using medication for depression and anxiety?

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