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For those suffering from anxiety, tension or depression created by medical issues of family members, I offer personalized, attentive, friendly understanding combined with expert, knowledgeable guidance.


Unlike other therapists that offer a broad range of incompatible services, I specialize, EXCLUSIVELY, in Medical Family Therapy utilizing only the very latest research and up to date modern techniques.


All appointments are online and on time every time, through a HIPAA compliant service, in a relaxed, casual environment dedicated to providing total relief for those in need.

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About MedFT



Medical Family Therapy (MedFT) falls under the category of marital and family therapy. The term “medical” can be somewhat misleading, but in this instance, the goal is to guide couples and families who are experiencing chronic or terminal illness in their family. During COVID, MedFT has become important.




Medical Family Therapy is my specialty. What do I mean by that? Unlike other therapists that offer a shopping list of services, they are spread thin. Working only in the MedFT category I stay current with new research and provide service using modern techniques.




There are probably questions you need answered. For instance “will I feel comfortable with the therapist?” or “how do I know the therapist can help me?” To put your mind at rest, I offer a FREE 20 minute no obligation online chat. During the conversation you have the opportunity to “get a feel for me” to make sure we click.

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